Level description


Children 5 – beginner

Children who ski for the first time or were 1-3 days in a course.
Here we learn the snow brake (= safe snow plow), and also the lift driving. Consolidate the snow brake, and learn lined the plough bow as well as the the plough arches. Therefore, nothing is in the way for the first major departure.

Children 4 – practiced

Beginner children who already attended 1 week at a ski course.
Here we learn speed control, and to string the plough bows together on blue pistes, with change of the slow and fast skiing.
We learn to consolidate the driving in curves.

Children 3 – slightly advanced

Slightly advanced children with first experiences on blue slopes, which also have experience at the lifts. (Chair lift)
Children who ride already plough and tried to drive a little parallel.
Here we try to bring the children of the plough turns into the parallel swing, as well as on red runs.

Children 2 – advanced

Advanced children can drive curves on red runs.
We learn to control the ski parallel and to control short radii and the pace.
In the media steep areas to swing parallel and start with the short swing. This means skiing on the edge without slipping to.
To perfect the short turns and practice in steep terrain.

Children 1 – top drivers

We take on all slopes, connect all learned techniques and train deep-snow and moguls specifically and has everything to offer the grounds at the Arlberg. (Fun Park)


Class 5 – beginner

Getting used to walking and climbing with ski in the practice area.
Case line running parallel and brakes in the plow position.
Change of direction in the plow position.
Turning plow.
Safe driving on easier slopes with changes of direction in the plow position.
Plough bow strung.

Class 4 – practiced

Controlled skiing on easy runs in the plow position and transition into parallel skiing.
Parallel turns slipped.
Secure controlled skiing on easy slopes.

Class 3 – slightly advanced

Driving on slopes in parallel position with different radii,
Short turns
Dynamic secure driving on different slopes with cut swings.

Class 2 – advanced

Dynamic skiing with short turns parallel
To perfect the short turns and practice in steep terrain.
Combine our trained technology away from the slopes

Class 1 – top drivers

You can go in our freeride camps. Read more about the Freeriding Camps!