E-Trial Arlberg

Vorarlberg‘s first e-trial park – in Stuben am Arlberg

Great fun for families For each level and all ages

Across bumps, ramps, rocks, steps and other thrilling obstacles – on an electric motorbike. Vorarlberg‘s first e-trial-parcours couln’d be in a nicer surrrounding: situated on the bottom of the  Arlberg pass.

More information on www.e-trial-arlberg.at What is an e-trial motorbike?

What is an e-trial motorbike?

E-Trials are special motorbikes. It is not about velocity but about surpassing skill.

On a trial-parcours one exercises skills, accouracy and concentration. On trial bikes classic bikers and beginners gain more security for their own bikes.

E-Trials are:

non- polluting and eco-friendly (no exhaust fumes) silent lighter than gas-operated bikes safe – and therefore especially suitable for children no risk of burning because there is no exhaust pipe